Services: ADR | Dialogue Replacement

ADR is, as we all know, a necessary evil of the modern film and TV post production process. It is rarely met with enthusiasm by actors - and for good reason - as it is notoriously difficult to reproduce a performance perhaps months later, with no-one to play off, and none of the other ingredients that made their original performance so fantastic.

We know how to work with actors. We know how to guide them, challenge them to use their talent, and make them actually enjoy the process!

So not only are we technically equipped to accurately record ADR, but we understand the requirements of ADR on a personal level and work hard to ensure the environment is conducive to getting the best performance.

Also, should your Director be unable to attend the session we are able to supply an experienced replacement to help guide your talent. If your Director would like to attend via a remote connection, naturally we can provide this to anywhere in the world.