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"Quietly moving, clever, beautiful, sad and true. Just wonderful" said the Guardian's reviewer about 'The Song of Lunch', the BBC's inventive celebration of National Poetry Day. This 50-minute dramatised poem, starring Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson, was a beguiling blend of dialogue and poetic voice-over, punctuated by the sounds of Soho street and table life. And most of it came from 5A Studios. For two-and-a-half days, we recorded Alan Rickman's poetry-reading and ADR at our Ladbroke Grove studio, and it was an absolute pleasure to work with him.


Alan Rickman
Emma Thompson
Andi Soric
Siubhan Harrison
Joseph Long
Young She
Georgina Sutcliffe
Young He
Christopher Grimes

Excellent studio surpassed all my expectations. A really fine and superlative operation. Excellent attention to detail, good value, enormously patient, diligent and easily up to the highest broadcast standards.

Quentin WillsonMotoring Expert & Presenter

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The Song of Lunch
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Dramatised poem
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