Projects: Live Like An animal

"Try Walking In My Shoes, you'd stumble in my footsteps," sang Dave Gahan once. Fact is you would not know what it takes unless you walk in someone else’s shoes. But what about walking in the paws of some awesome beast? In Live Like an Animal, presenters, Lloyd, Matt and James try to emulate the architectural skills of animals by building a beaver’s lodge, a wasp’s nest and a hummingbird nest to human size. Tourists and commuters in central London, New York & Chicago will experience a unique and totally unexpected spectacle of both the build process and the sight of three fully grown men living in them for 24 hours. Authenticity is the key and the aim is to show how amazing these animals are as engineers and the lengths humans have to go to get anywhere near it. Riveting!

Project details

Live Like An animal
Project type:
Documentary Series
Production company:
Tigress Productions