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The screenplay for Letter To Obama was written in 2009, after the
liberal Egyptian politician Ayman Nour (whose penance for running
for president against Mubarak in 2005 was a five-year sentence in
the notorious Tora prison) was suddenly and unexpectedly released
from prison – just four weeks after Obama entered the White House.
However, making the film while Mubarak was still in power was not

For two years, Letter To Obama remained a screenplay and, like
many Egyptians under Mubarak’s rule, a prisoner of fear.

Then the Egyptian revolution of January 2011 swept the nation. A
few months later, in October 2011, Letter To Obama commenced
principal photography. The film was completed in early 2012.

Although based on the true story of Nour's incarceration, Letter To
is the story of each of the 80 million Egyptians who lived in
imprisonment, one way or another, for the past 30 years under
Mubarak’s dark regime


Hussein El Zein
Adnan Rashed
Noor Eesa

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Letter to Obama
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Feature Film