Projects: Inside the Mind of Leonardo

Inside The Mind of Leonardo is based on the artist’s private journals dating from the Italian Renaissance. With over 6,000 pages of handwritten notes and drawings, da Vinci’s private journals are the most comprehensive documents that chronicle the work of the world’s most renowned inventor, philosopher, painter and genius.

In a powerfully haunting performance, award-winning actor Peter Capaldi portrays Leonardo and dramatically narrates passages and monologues from these journals. Capaldi captures the passion of Leonardo’s ambition, his opinion of the world and his views on art and life. From the epic to the ordinary, Inside the Mind of Leonardo explores how Leonardo experienced the world around him.

Following a biographical narrative, the feature captures the artist’s thwarted ambitions, hurt, anger and sexual desire as documented within his diaries, but also the mundanities of normal life: his shopping lists, health tips and bawdy jokes

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Inside the Mind of Leonardo
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Documentary Feature