Projects: God's Acre

‘God’s Acre’ is the directorial debut of J.P. Davidson, set in the bleakest realms of London’s suburbs.

Property developer Malcolm (Matthew Jure) is looking to shift the last of his property, and shift it quickly in order to pay off his debts. Unluckily for him, the one remaining house in his portfolio is in a real state of disrepair, requiring Malcolm to move in as he carries out some hasty renovation.

While carrying out restorations he notices a false wall in one of the rooms and proceeds to investigate its addition to the premises by smashing it to pieces with a claw hammer. Behind the wall Malcolm finds detritus – clothes, photographs, toys – seemingly belonging to the previous tenants and he quickly begins to believe some terrible fate has befallen them.

Project details

God's Acre
Project type:
Feature Film
Production company:
Pitchblack Films
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