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The disturbing story of a former nurse who befriended vulnerable people via internet chatrooms and encouraged them to kill themselves while he watched on a webcam.

By day 47 year old William Melchert-Dinkel worked as a state-registered nurse in St. Paul, Minnesota. By night he trawled internet chat rooms, befriending vulnerable people and encouraging them to kill themselves. This documentary chronicles Melchert-Dinkel’s Internet reign of terror, and the investigation that brought him to justice.

One of his victims was Mark Drybrough, a 32 year old IT technician from Coventry. In the summer of 2005, Mark was off work with depression, and spending whole days on his bedroom computer. He’d struck up a friendship with a Chinese American girl, Li Dao, who seemed to understand his problems, even share his pain. Mark thought he’d found a kindred spirit … but Li Dao didn’t exist

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Death by Em@il
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