Projects: Another Planet

A touching and delicate fable about a young girl trapped in an impossible predicament, by award-winning director, Smita Bhide.

It presents a fresh and different vision of Child Poverty in India to the slums and sweat-shops we've seen. It's a Tale of Two Indias: the busy urban India of the burgeoning Super-power, and Village India, rural, uneducated, uncared-for, an embarrassment to the modernizers, with one foot dragging in ancient superstition... Nine-year-old Chandi's mother is dying. When the Doctor can't help her, Chandi turns to Old Magic - the Tantrik holy-man who passes through her village each year. But the Tantrik asks a price, a terrible task for Chandi to undertake. No nine-year-old should have to make this choice.

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Another Planet
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Short Film