Projects: Animal Crackers

Plumbing parrots, piano-playing pigs, and camels with Rod Stewart haircuts: all in a single night's viewing on Animal Planet's Animal Crackers ( This is the show that makes animals look as daft as humans. The only sensible - and reliably sceptical - voice around is that of narrator, Emma Kennedy. She comes to our studio, we record, she goes home. We also do the final mix for each show. Studio Manager's note: no animal was harmed during the recording or mixing of each episode.

Excellent studio surpassed all my expectations. A really fine and superlative operation. Excellent attention to detail, good value, enormously patient, diligent and easily up to the highest broadcast standards.

Quentin WillsonMotoring Expert & Presenter

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Animal Crackers
Project type:
Documentary series
Production company:
Animal Planet