Projects: Anaphylaxis

Filmed entirely mute against green screen at Ealing Studios, this uniquely ambitious feature by director Ayman Mokhtar took two painstaking years in post production to be finished. The plot revolves around a doctor who develops a strange aversion to human skin and goes on to find solace in the words written on the body of a deceased poet during his time working in the mortuary. The pace of Filmart's Anaphylaxis proceeds like a versed poem which has garnered it endless acclaim. The haunting sound and dialogue mixed against the striking visuals earned the film a debut at the São Paulo International Film Festival.


The Doctor
Guy Defferary
The Poet
Katia Winter
The Girlfriend
Jenna Brook
The Husband
Frazer Douglas

Project details

Project type:
Feature Film
Production company:
Filmart Productions
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