We are the creators of HEADspace5D™, a revolutionary method of audio reproduction that offers the film, music and gaming industries an entirely new way to engage with their audiences.

HEADspace5D™ - which is available exclusively through 5A Studios - offers incredibly natural surround sound through headphones. It gives the wearer the impression that sound is coming from the local vicinity (just as in real life!) rather than their headphone speakers.

Our technology allows sound to be digitally placed at any point and distance around the listener. This means that actors can speak in relation to their on (and off) screen positions, producers can place instruments, vocals and beats anywhere, and game designers can let gamers’ movements determine where explosions and instructions are coming from!

5A Studios are currently working with partners to launch HEADspace5D™ in these, and other areas. It debuted on the 20th of June 2014 as part of O2's promotion of the England rugby team with the online game Follow Me in 5D (mobile devices only)