About: Michael Koderisch | Head of Sound

Michael comes from a family of musicians so is genetically predisposed to sound production.

Although an accomplished musician himself he gravitated towards mixing at an early age. He began mixing live music at sixteen so by the time he arrived at LIPA to study for his degree he was already an accomplished mixer.

Michael is proud to have worked alongside renowned saxophonist, composer and arranger Pee Wee Ellis among others and has worked in conjunction with the BBC on a regular basis since 2001. Since the formation of 5A Studios Michael has mixed numerous projects for broadcast from documentaries to animation, award winning films like The Blue Tower and Vinyl as well as expanding into emerging technologies for mobile phone delivery and the Internet.

Michael brings an imaginative and inventive approach to his mixing, using his expertise and creativity to successfully translate our clients ideas and requests into the final mix.

Like everyone at 5A Michael will go the distance to find perfection, using his ingenious methods to solve problems and find solutions to deliver to and exceeding client’s expectations.